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There is no doubt about it, teething is a very tricky milestone to navigate. When I had my little girl I had no idea babies could start getting teeth as early as a few months old, it seemed cruel for them to get teeth so young! My little girl used to get 4 teeth at a time, it was pretty hard going and it was trial and error to find out what worked best for her. I remember a lot of late night/early morning googling to find different teething solutions/magic cures - our freezer was full of all kinds of random concoctions.

This week I took to social media to ask our lovely mum’s about their fail safe teething solutions and here are some of their awesome suggestions. Jo and Amy, plus @charl123 from A Little Bee blog all suggested running a dummy under some cold water and then freezing it. It does sound incredibly refreshing but my little one was a bit of a monkey and would never take a dummy so what else could I offer?  Sammy Circles and @mummabeing of Mumma Being blog also suggested breastmilk ice lollies (frozen fruit puree and frozen frube type things also work), extra vitamins and teething relief all at once.  We still use the frozen yoghurt tubes for soothing at the grand old age of 3!  Teething Powders also got a number of votes, babies seem to love them and that’s half the battle!

We also got a few suggestions that we had never heard of but they make total sense and we almost wish we could go back in time and try them out. Natalie Ruth Sanders and Sienna Munden suggested using a frozen muslin. So you take a muslin, put some knots in it and stick it in the freezer. Tempted to try that the next time I have toothache as it sounds so good! My little one would have loved that as she was and still is muslin obsessed. Last, but by no means least is Rachael and her suggestion of frozen potato waffles. She told us her mum swore by them and she now uses them with her little girl - can’t beat a quirky family tradition!

Thank you to everyone who also told us how much our very own silicone teething jewellery has helped their little ones - comments like that really do make our day.

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