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Today's blog post is brought to you by Laura Alder- Bentley Nunn. Laura is mama to 2 gorgeous boys, Archie who's 20 months old and new arrival George who's just 10 weeks old. Laura has recently started her own blog, so if you like her style make sure you head over to her blog and connect with her on social media (links at the bottom).

10 Weeks of Being a Mum to 2 Boys Under 2

By Laura Alder- Bentley Nunn

So George is now just over 10 weeks old and I have to admit I was completely unprepared!

I already have one boy, Archie who is now 20 months. From day one we had it easy, he latched straight away, was a great feeder and a very content baby. He wasn't perfect, his sleeping habits weren't great but life was pretty amazing. My husband and I decided we would really like 2 kids close in age, and although for a while we knew it would be difficult we'd start trying. I say start, we conceived 2 days later, I know what are the odds right?!

I thought after Archie I knew what I was doing, nothing however could have truly prepared me for the 10 weeks we've had! Birth was good, very fortunate to have had 2 great water births. He latched well and fed well, he was however a screamer!

The first week wasn't so bad and I started to settle into our new life, I guess I was naive. I thought I've got this, it's not so bad! Then week 2 came along and with it non stop screaming! He seemed to be feeding well but there was literally no pleasing him. I couldn't put him down, trying to get him to sleep was hell and then if I did put him down he woke within seconds.

My fuse was short, poor Archie very new to this and not understanding really what the hell was going on but he was fantastic and still is. He's a very happy little boy and loves to play. He didn't understand why all of a sudden mummy couldn't play as much and kept getting mad very quickly.

By week 6 I realised I wasn't coping very well and I certainly wasn't enjoying being mum to a little devil! I felt as well for my husband, we hadn't slept in the same room since that first week and often he was coming home to carnage because every day was hell! George got a cold and a really nasty cough so things went from bad to worse!

Week 9 I noticed a lump in his testicles, frightened to death we took him to the doctors who had no idea and immediately put him on antibiotics which made him poorly. The screaming at this point was still going on. We had one very bad night where I guess you could say I lost the plot and at 4am woke my husband in a state and said he needed to take over! We are awaiting an appointment with the hospital as the lump is fluid so we need to decide what to do.

I also began to think that something wasn't right with feeding, so about 15 minutes after a feed I offered him a bottle and he took 3.5 oz's so I knew something wasn't right. I decided that it was best to switch to formula as after being weighed he isn't gaining and is now underweight.

Things improved immediately and he became a lot calmer and settled. However it's been short lived as he is now only taking 1-2 oz per feed and is being sick a lot. He still has a wicked cough which really isn't helping, I am however determined to get to the bottom of the issue!

Having children is an absolutely blessing and there have been some good times in between and some smiling and laughing! I went into this with my eyes open but wasn't at all prepared for George to be so incredibly different to Archie. In the grand scheme of things 10 weeks isn't a very long time but when your living it, it can seem like a life time. 

I started to write things down and found it really helped. I know I'm not alone and I know other people have it worse but don't ever think that you shouldn't be upset or have the right to feel down as sometimes it's bloody hard!!

My mum took the boys for the night on Friday. Me and the hubby had a date night, we had a couple of drinks and went for dinner. My hubby even blagged a couple of crackers! We laughed and enjoyed each others company. It was so much fun and we are going to make a point of doing it once a month to keep ourselves sane!!

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