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Hello World of Blogging!

Suzy Olivier

So after my long winded post on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago, I received a few messages and comments that suggested I should blog about my journey through running a growing business while being a full time stay at home mama. So here I am! It feels rather odd, as I'm certainly no writer and I find it really hard to believe that people will want to read what I have to say, but nonetheless, I'm giving it a go. So to all you spelling and grammar experts, I apologise... there will no doubt be a few awful mistakes and incorrect sentence structures coming out of me... though in my defence, all posts will be written post 8pm and often along side a G&T or wine (just one glass I promise!). 

I don't want this blog to just be a 'dear diary' style, simply charting my life and what I'm up to. I'm hoping it will be a mixture of relevant baby/ mummy product reviews/ showcases, great ideas, recipes and I'm especially banking on getting some actual real bloggers for the occasional guest post... sometimes it's best to get the professionals involved every now and then!

So hello mamas! Thank you for reading my very first, short and sweet blog post. :)

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