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Blessings... (of a stay at home mum)

Suzy Olivier

I was on my usual walk route this morning after dropping Belle at pre-school, when I suddenly realised how insanely beautiful my surroundings were. I walk the same path every day (often twice) and yes, of course I always see the lovely country side, but today was different. Today I realised just how insanely blessed we are. I'm sure I'm not the only one that rushes through life with constant 'to do' lists, never ending household jobs and permanently chasing/ looking after/ feeding/ cleaning/ cuddling/ playing with kids. Each day we wake up with a mission to get to bed time. Each Monday we start with a mission to get to Friday. Then before we know it days, weeks, months and years are flying by and we look at our walking and talking kids and wonder where did the years go.

Why do we rush through life? What are we rushing towards?? What's the ultimate end goal we're hoping for? These questions stumped me today. So I've decided that enough is enough. I want to savour and enjoy my days, as chaotic and frustrating as they can be (being a full time stay at home mum with a full time business and a military husband that's away often!). I know days can be long with young kiddies. I know that there are days when we very genuinely feel like we might lose our minds. I know we long for just 5 minutes on our own (the thought of a hour or more seems like an impossible wish). But these are fleeting days. Our babies are going to grow up. The day will come when we pick up the doll off the floor, when we accidentally stand on a toy car, when we wipe the food covered highchair one final time. The nappy bag will one day not be required, that baby won't be asking for cuddles all day and that toddler won't ask you to lie with her before she goes to sleep. We need to stop mamas. I don't mean each day needs to be filled with magical gratitude for each moment we're with our kiddies, of course not, life as a stay at home parent with young kiddies is hard, really hard, much harder than I could have ever expected, but it's also wonderful. So today mamas, lets count our blessings. Lets stop for a moment and notice how beautiful and wonderful our lives are. Even if you're in hard times at the moment, I'm sure there's something around you that you can be grateful for. If your kiddies are with you, if they are alive and healthy, then you are blessed, so blessed. I'm a big believer that gratitude changes everything. I know there are mamas out there who would long to spend their days with their kiddies. I know that there are mamas out there who would give anything for just one more moment with their kiddies. Let's stop the rush mamas. Stop and savour the chaos every now and then.

Much love. x


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