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Attempting To Live With Less

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Attempting To Live With Less

- By Krysta Shore -

The other day, Maverick came out of his room with his arms wide, trying to carry 9 of his stuffed animals and 2 big blankies. The pile was so high that he couldn't even see where he was going and teddy bears were falling on the floor around him. He made it halfway down the hall before exclaiming "it's too much!!!" 

Man, that so perfectly describes the season of life I'm in right now.

Here's the thing. I've been battling with stress/anxiety/depression. (I was really nervous to share this part... but I have a feeling many of you can relate so it's worth being honest about!) It lingers in the background while I navigate through the busiest time I've ever known. Busy because I have a toddler and a baby. Busy because I am running a business. Busy because I try to do too much. I want to though. I want to do it all. But then that stuff creeps in, attacking, stealing pieces of me throughout the day, and then I just sweep it aside, ignoring it because I'll just be stronger and push harder. Well, like Maverick said, it's too much. 

I reached a desperate place and realized it was time to make some changes. To focus on my health and well-being. To get to a place where I could enjoy life instead of just survive it.

So lately I've been making positive decisions in my life and one of them is pursuing minimalism.

My first experience with minimalism was about a year and a half ago when I made my first capsule wardrobe. I did a few seasons of that before I got pregnant and even then I still kept a small wardrobe. But I had only scratched the surface of minimalism and was inspired to pursue it in other areas of my life too.

What better time than now?

There was a study done at UCLA that found a link between cluttered households and stress levels measured by human cortisol. I'm not surprised one bit! The mess in my home often causes me anxiety. If I had less stuff, I could spend less time trying to tidy up and more time on things that matter, like quality time with my family, for example.

Minimalism is getting rid of excess for an uncluttered environment and uncluttered life, leaving more space for things that matter like relationships, contentment, freedom and joy.

Some of my first steps include major decluttering of every room, cupboard and drawer. This will probably take me an entire year ha ha. Everything takes 10x longer when you have kids! Also, the hubby and I are both making capsule wardrobes for every season - we just finished Paul's last week! Anyone wanna see what a dude's capsule wardrobe looks like?! 

But it's not just about stuff. It's about living a meaningful life. It's about filling your time with things that add value to your life. I've been listening to podcasts a lot recently, and in one episode by "The Minimalists", they mentioned that they replaced their Facebook app with the Kindle app on their iPhone. So instead of zoning out on useless social media, you'd end up reading a few paragraphs of a book, or maybe even a chapter or two. I loved that suggestion and tried it out. It totally worked. With two young kids I don't have a lot of time to read, but even just a little bit here and there is more than I can say I've done in a long time. This simple little swap has added so much value to my life.

I'm sure I won't be the perfect minimalist but I'm learning as I go and trying to develop better habits. I'm already seeing so many positive outcomes in my life and it's only just begun. I hope you enjoy following along as I discover new ways to simplify and learn about self-care. 

Wish me luck! 



Krysta is a wife to an outdoorsman, mama to 2 boys, photographer, and lover of design. Aspiring to live a simple and meaningful life.
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